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My son Steven has been going to him over 5 years and been happy ever since he has so much patience and encourages my son to learn more and try new skills that he has advanced so much. He started first with Acoustic guitar and know Electric. David is easy person to talk to with a good sense of humor. You wont be sorry.

Beatrice S.

David is an awesome guitar instructor. I thought I would just learn basic chords and basic songs, but I'm learning music theory and I'm learning how to read music. In the few months that I have been taking music lessons, I've improved drastically. I have even referred a few of my friends.

​Flor M.

My daughter has been taking lessons at Vez Guitar Academy for over a year & I couldn't have found a better instructor! David Chavez is an amazing guitarist, as well as teacher. It is definitely reflected in the progression of my daughter's guitar playing. I am very impressed with the lesson plans, flexible scheduling, & great value.


Vez Guitar Academy is currently a permanent stay on my schedule and I have enjoyed every moment of learning experience under Dave's mentoring and teaching.

It was a rought start for me. I had very miniscule exposure to music theory but love all sorts of genre it has to offer. I listen to most, from the sad melodies of country to the imaginative improvisations of jazz. I also have a crazy schedule and that often leaves little to no time for practice. Dave will push to get some practice in, because that is the only way to get the basics under your belt, but he understands that everyone has different lifestyles and schedules. He is also amazingly understanding about rescheduling and makeups, give him advance notice and he'll try to accommodate your schedule as best he can.

As for his style of teaching, he will always give you more than you think you can handle, but in the end, like I had discovered, it all made sense after a few more sessions. Never forget to ask questions and ask how to improve. Just like any other things in life, your results will depend on how much time and effort you put in yourself.

During my own sessions, I'd struggle and get frustrated, but Dave's ok with that. Get your frustrations out, ask questions, ask for suggestions and Dave will patiently point out what you can do better and suddenly after a few more tries, it clicks, if doesn't then he tells you to keep trying.

So if you are looking to find a place that will guide you to become an amazing guitar player, you have found the right place and teacher for an amazing price too. 

Karen E.

Anyone can show you how to play a scale on a guitar. At Vez Guitar Academy I learned how to THINK through the scales so now I have a much better understanding of how chords are related to the scales. Now I can easily find the correct scale anywhere on the fretboard!  

After many years of bad guitar teachers, Vez Guitar Academy has finally taught me how to be a complete guitarist.  

Clear, patient, instruction. Friendly and knowledgeable staff - highly recommended!!


Although this might sound like an obvious plug, it is very sincere: Dave is a guitar genius. I have been taking lessons with him for over 2 years now and I have no intention of stopping that any time soon. I know that no matter how good I get, Dave always has more useful things to teach. He teaches very fundamental theories and links them to practical drills that hone your skills slowly but surely. While the theories can seem overwhelmingly complicated at first, it eventually all makes sense and it helps not only in playing music but also in understanding why it is played a certain way (for example why certain melodies fit well along with certain chords or why certain scales can be used to seamlessly switch between keys). Of course he also teaches you to play songs, either by your suggestion or specifically picked by Dave to hone some particular skill you need to improve, and all the songs I've learned have been fun to play even though I had never heard of some of them before.

Dave stays loyal to his students and has reoccurring special offers throughout the year, both on lessons and equipment. Sometimes he bundles lessons with equipment for a good discount, which is how I finally ended up adding an acoustic guitar to my electric. The hours really are set up for the students, and Dave can accommodate almost any schedule. As long as you give prior notice he is also very good at rescheduling sessions when you are too busy to make it.

Finally, I should mention that dave always gives you more material than you would normally fully master in the one week between lessons. It may seem overwhelming at times but it helps to see different advanced theory and techniques early on and try them out. Later, when you come back to them all of a sudden they don't seem that difficult any more. Of course you will learn more from Dave if you dedicate a lot of time to his assignments. And there is no way he will run out of material to teach you if you work hard. However even if you are a busy person (like myself) you can learn the material slowly step by step and still get a lot of rewarding skills.

If you feel like you want to try to learn guitar or if you already play and just want to get better, this is the best place I know to go.

Brian. A